Raindancer SSMA 2060

Spring 1989

Buckskin roan

Bred by Tom Norush

Dancin Hawk X Little Star Sparkling

Dancin Hawk SMR 1295


Son of Sailor X Etta Place

Little Star Sparkling SMR 1131

Yellow Dun

Tiger Eye X Little Thing

Son of Sailor SMR 897


Sailor X Scotch Bonnet

Etta Place SMR 755


Cochise X The Barbary Roan Mare

Tiger Eye SMR 393


(bookcliffs,utah feral horses sire and dam)

Little Thing  SMR 133

Grulla Roan

(bookcliffs, utah feral horses sire and dam)

Sailor SMR 471

(Banker Island Horses)

Scotch Bonnet SMR 704

(Banker Island Horses)

Cochise SMR 33


(Buckshot X Queenie)

Buckshot SMR #1


(Monty X Bally)


blue roan med. hat tovero

(Eagle X Sally)




Snickers SSMA 1957


(Tiger Boy X Pink Pigeon)

Tiger Boy SSMA 865

Zebra dun

SSMA 865 Tiger Boy
25 Mile- 1 Hour 9 Minutes
50 Mile- 5 Hours 20 Minutes

(Buckshot Boy Freckles X Kiowa Princess)

Pink Pigeon SSMA 1511


(Mouse X Swinging J's Spider)

Buckshot Boy Freckles SSMA 160

Buttermilk (Buckskin) Roan Appy

(Dunny Boy III X Mousy II)

Kiowa Princess SSMA 169


(Kiowa Chief X Seminole II)

Mouse SSMA 1311

SSMA 1311 Mouse
50 Mile-  6 Hours 40 Minutes


(Golden Star War SSMA 266 X Buttermilk SSMA 814)

Swinging J's Spider SSMA 548

Lilac Bonnet White Body

(Swinging J's Spotted Eagle SSMA 178 X Swinging J's Tiny SSMA 454)

Montez SMR 136

(Buckshot * X Queenie *)

Senorita SSMA 182

(Mexican Joe -possibly last leopard appaloosa Spanish Mustang[Huasteca Indian] X Mexico)

Golden Star War SSMA 266

SSMA  266 Golden Star War –
50 mile   - 3 Hrs. 40 Min.

(Chief Red Man X Kiamichi Lady)

Kiowa Chief SSMA 103

(Chief Quanah Parker X Domino)

Swinging J's Tiny 454

(Wishbone X Peachy)

Chief Quanah Parker SSMA 77


(Chief Pushmataha X Cynthia Ann Parker [pictured above right])


(Ute X Ginger)

Chief Pushmataha

(Kiamichi Mountain X Lightfoot)

Cynthia Ann Parker

(Muddy Boggy Choctaw [pure choctaw] X Evan's Choctaw)

Ute SMR #2


(Monty X Bally)



This is her half sister, a filly I almost bought myself out of Rip Tide by Rain Dancer

 The following horses including their dams are from Dreamcatcher Farms:
DCF LITTLE RAINING DREAM (AIHR O-4773, HOA-1575, SSMA eligible) is by Rain Dancer (SMR, SSMA) and out of Fancy Lady (SSMA) one of our broodmares. She is a December, 2005 filly born at our farm and had a good start on groundwork the first few years of her life. Dreamer was broke to ride in 2008 and has been shown Western and English. She participated at the 2008 AIHR National Show in the Green Horse Division. She is expected to expand her show career in 2009.

DCF Honkytonk Man (AIHR-4776, HOA-eligible, SMR-eligible) is by Rain Dancer (SMR, SSMA) and out of Hawk’s Chahta (AIHR-O, HOA, SMR). Tonka is a December, 2005 colt born at our farm, and he had a great working start before he was introduced to the saddle. Tonka was broke to ride in 2008 and has had more experience in the show ring than his sister Dreamer. Tonka also has an extensive start over trails in his past.

DCF REBA’S DUN IT (AIHR-eligible, HOA-eligible, SMR-eligible) is by Rain Dancer (SMR, SSMA) and out of Venedita (SMR). Reba is also foaled in December, 2005 at our farm and she was trained on the ground along with the other two foals. She was broke to ride in 2008 and is basically green broke. She will begin her show schedule in Western and Games in 2009.

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Some of Wakiya's siblings are for sale!


"Percheron Stallion" by Thomas Newman The Horse Whisperer (Score)