Lauren: Your mare, Wakiya will be HOA-1744; I am working on a stack of applications and hoping to have them completed by New Year's. Here is a bit more information on her family---

Tiger Boy is by Buckshot Boy Freckles by Montez and out of Senorita. Tiger's dam is Kiowa Princess by Kiowa Chief and out of Seminole II.

Montez is by Buckshot and out of Queenie, which made him 50% Brislawn Foundation and 50% Crow Indian.
Senorita is by Mexican Joe and out of Mousey. Mexican Joe is 100% Huasteca Indian from Mexico and Mousey is 100% Choctaw, Oklahoma.

Kiowa Princess is Choctaw, Brislawn and Gilbert Jones Foundation; she was bred by Gilbert at Medicine Springs Ranch in Finley, Oklahoma. Her sire, Kiowa Chief is by Chief Quanah Parker and out of Domino.

Pink Pigeon is by Mouse and out of Swinging J's Spider. Mouse is by Golden War Star and out of Buttermilk. Both these horses were bred by Gilbert or Bryant Rickman; they are mostly Choctaw/Gilbert Jones Foundation strains.

Swinging J's Spider is by Swinging J's Spotted Eagle and out of Swinging J's Tiny. These horses come from Jewel Whitmire's Cherokee strain of horses brought to Oklahoma by his family over the Trail of Tears. Gilbert and Bryant preserved this colorful and gaited bloodline of horses after Mr. Whitmire died and they continue on today.

So, Wakiya's strains will be: Banker, North Carolina Outer Banks; Brislawn Foundation; Book Cliffs, Utah; Choctaw; Gilbert Jones Foundation; Cherokee and Huasteca Indian. The percentages will be listed on her certificate.

Merry Christmas to all,


The American Heritage Horse Association requires some sort of genetic testing and I would like to register Wakiya in the near future...


"The Tribes Move On" -Geoff Zanelli Into the West (Score)