The Name

Wakiya is a Lakota word meaning thunder... traditionally spelled it is Wa Kiya the accent being on the second syllable and it is pronounced "WAH KEY YAH" ironically Wakiya also can mean flirt (which she has proved on occasion along with being quite thunderous). I have always revered Lakota culture and am currently attempting to learn the language and the name stuck.

The Color

Wakiya is almost certainly a grulla roan (black base dun and roan modifiers)

The Horse

Wakiya has a huge personality. She can be happy by herself, but prefers to be allowed with other horses. She can be very stubborn, but she is very smart. Wakiya has jumped fences and knocked down rails and squeezed under fences to get to other pastures. I think she has the escapee gene, her breeder once told me her sire took a door off its hinges to get back to his herd. Also Monty was her great great great great grandsire. "Monty, captured in 1927 in Utah, escaped back to the wild in 1944, taking his mares with him. He was never recaptured." Good thing Wakiya never wanders far.

For such a big personality Wakiya is short! Less than 14 h for sure but more than 13h. She's only 3 and still growing, but she will not be tall. I love this horse, an immediate reaction she gets is that she is "cute." She is very cute, but she is also known as the "whippersnapper." Wakiya is being trained by Kim Seng and progress is going very well. Wakiya is learning to be a very respectful young horse. We have begun riding in the spring. I am interested in entering us into endurance and competitive trail competitions in the future. Maybe after that some reining and cow-horse events. We have a lot ahead of us!

I purchased Wakiya from James Prueter of Grafton, Ohio on June 28, 2008. Not having the money at once, I had to make in payments. You see, I have always wanted a horse like this and my dream seemed just like a dream. I had just discovered the song, "The Spanish Mustangs" (featured on the home page) and a week later I saw an ad in the newspaper: "SPANISH Mustangs (2) 4 yr. old mares" then price and contact information. I was determined to buy one of these horses, I didn't care how. I immediately contacted him, I asked my parents if I could borrow money and pay them back, they said no so I asked if I could make payments. I went to see the two fillies with my good friend, Ashley. They were in a stall together, there were seven horses. The two were very similar in color a very light roan. One was smaller and quieter with a more refined face, the other was rambunctious and spirited. She proceeded to trot around the aisle, jump a bale of hay, and then drop at our feet and roll. Both horses were fantastic. I asked Ashley which one I should choose and we discussed it in depth. Finally it was agreed that the rambunctious one had a similar personality to me and that she would be a nice match. So I set out at getting a deposit on board and making sure I could make payments. I bought Wakiya. She was hauled to a boarding facility with access to many trails.

The plan was that Ashley and I would train Wakiya, we were led to believe she had spome training, so it didn't seem like a huge deal. After papers were signed and cash paid, I was handed her SSMA registration papers. She was registered as "Little Dog's Eavilan." I also noticed her birthdate 12-12-05. That was also my birthday I was ecstatic, but Ashley was quick to point out, "Lauren you just bought a two year old horse."

We tried to work with Wakiya we were making some progress, but it was obvious I needed professional help. So after a few minor complications we moved her for training.

This was probably the smartest decision I've made since I bought her. Wakiya is allowed to spend pretty much all day outside with a herd and she is learning very well and is happy. Before she was in her stall and only let out mornings and when I could get up there in the afternoon. She was not socializing much and wasn't happy. However, that's in the past. When my crazy lovable horse is trained we will move somewhere where Wakiya is allowed the freedom she has now and has access to trails so we can prepare for endurance and competitive trail. I'll update more as we progress!

Wakiya's training is going very well, there was a moment when everything clicked and it seems that she understands what is being asked of her. She has taken over the herd all of which who are older (and taller) than her. She is a definite alpha mare! She does fine with the saddle on her and is getting used to having weight on her back and weight in the saddle. It's all very exciting!

 3/9/09 First Solo Ride with Wakiya in the aisle she did very well

3/10/09 Wakiya has a really smooth trot!

3/16/09 Riding in the round pen mom took pictures

3/18/09 First Solo ride outside in the roundpen great job Wakiya!

7/17/2009 First group ride

7/19/2009 First trip to the polo field!



"The Sun Dance" by Geoff Zanelli Into the West (score)